Harassment, Whistleblower, Group Stalking (Gang-Stalking)

This statement is with respect to the psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment The Phenomenology of Group Stalking (Gang-Stalking), FBI Whistleblower, To inform you annual interim report to be presented to the Nov 28, 2023.
This is an URGENT public interest petition to STOP the illegal and unauthorized abuses of advanced military-grade weapons V2K-VOICE 2 SKULL (Microwave Hearing) by ( Lockheed Martin Corporation) The eyes of the target become a live camera for the trackers Victims have no privacy anywhere on the planet (bathrooms and bedrooms included).. being used for Torture Programs. Torture comprises of Mind-Reading, Mind control, Central Nervous System control, 24/7 anywhere tracking, This has been going on in El Cajon City, CA for past 7 years at least (I am getting attacked/tortured for many years now, Voice to skull started in January 2022