Harassment of Abuse Victims

Victims of abuse through domestic violence are not safe with current restraining order laws.

Pierce County is very busy when it comes to Domestic Violence orders and the victims thereof. I am a victim of Domestic Violence and this is something thatcan easily be accessed through public records. Prior to myself recieving this order, my abuser was able to "slip" a false report through the system leaving me and my child of 9 years left without a home for a two week period. (Court transcripts are open for public viewing and clearly deplict the tradgedy of this matter!) My son and I were kicked out of OUR home, the abuser was not even residing in the residence! After an apology from the court and supplying the commissioner evidence of the abusers behaviors, an order of realignment of the parties was issued. Still, the abuser continued to harass me, my family, friends, and child. Everytime there was an incident, the incident was reported! However, we would later find out that due to the fact that there was a data entry mistake, I was showing up as the respoondant therefore I was threatend with jail time if I continued to call the authorities. This still 9 months later, has not been corrected. We were homeless, scared, and without any help but a piece of paper that offered no security. All the while, the abuser had now gained the help of girlfriends, his children, co-workers, and many others we did not know to harass us. We ended up leaving the county and trying to live a catious but normal life. Yet, he was walking the streets, manipulating others into harassing us, and even bullying me through the court system. Once again, my son and I were forced to move due to break ins, vandalism, and the current girlfriends coming over randomly to serve me with more false allegations. So, back to court, different Judge and more promises. Once again, the abuser got caught and the commissioner called him on his numerous discrepencies. Once again, the abuser was ordered not to harass me through the court etc. etc, yet, he followed not one court order. This time, my son and I end up living in a Hotel for a month. The DV advocates placed us in "hiding" and were desperately trying to get someone to see what is happening but again, nobody will listen. After the motel, we move yet again, this time to another county, doing exactly what the court and DV advocates instructed us to do. Abusers are very manipulative and often times can convince people they are with that they are able to create no harm to others. So, this time the abuser and one of his many followers are videotaped taking pictures of my current home, (we hired a PI because we needed to stop the harassment).

There is not enough time or space to list everything that has happend to us! What there are for sure though are abusive violent people walking the streets while the victims live a life of fear. At least when we were with the abuser we could predict his violence, now I have a piece of paper that though it has clear and precise legalities, if it is not followed, no immediate action is taken. However, when it comes time to prosecute, the abuser is aware he/she is being prosecuted because they are contacted yet the victim has NO PROTECTION while holding an active Protection order. The system has to be looked at. Pierce County has had one DV death after another but no one wants to face the issue. Stand up and revamp these orders. Strick guidelines and a "no warning" attitude is what we need, without it, we are just another tradgedy in a body bag!