Grayson county Kentucky cps

On July 19 2020 my 13 yr old daughter was followed by an adult male who has child molestation alligations to her friend's house the guy walks in my daughter's friends home snatched my daughter's cell phone out of her hand and smashed her phone and threatened to hit her the cops was called and nothing was done to the guy two hours later this lady pulls in my driveway said one of the cops had called her asked who all lives in the home and that she was here to do a covid 19 screening since she had no badge present no report of nothing I figured she worked for Grayson county health department but when I asked her if that is where she is from she said no ok what are u CPS she said yes she talked to my boyfriend my youngest two children and me did not talk to my oldest son she got back in her personal car and called the police back out then she walks through my home while she had no report she made things up as she went she removes my daughter out of my home its been almost 2 weeks this happend on Sunday July 19 2020 and on the report that she left my home and went to get a report she dated every thing as July 22 2020
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