Grandparents Should Have Rights in North Carolina and false allegations should be investigated before lives are ruined

I am a grandmother of a child who was taken from her parents for substance abuse and neglect on April 30th, 2020. When asked could anyone of her relatives take temporary custody of her I was the first one suggested by the parents since I had been in her life since the day she was born but immediately cps said no. When asked why the only thing that they would say was prior CPS involvement. Ok yes CPS has came out and talked with me because of my youngest sons behavior and after following through with everything CPS asked me to do the case was closed. I have no criminal background other than a few traffic violations and I was working and could support her so I asked many times for the CPS to tell me why. I still had custody of my son so why could I not have my grandchild?

A few days after she was taken I received a letter in the mail from the new case worker stating that since I was a blood relative I could possibly get temporary custody of my granddaughter so I took the letter from the mailbox straight to DSS and the new case worker took my information and did criminal background checks on the people living with me and she said everything looks good so let me speak to my supervisor. I really thought they had changed their minds and my grandbaby was going to get to come home but the supervisor again came out and said no because of prior CPS involvement. She was 1yr and 10 months old when she was taken from my arms screaming and crying, not knowing what was happening to her. I did go a few weeks later to speak to a lawyer but was told I had two options 1. Help the parents 2. Pay 10000 to start the case and not have any contact what so ever with the parents but no guarantee I would get her. So not having 10000 to give a lawyer and still be able to support my granddaughter "if" I got her, I tried to help the parents. But after numerous slaps to the face by CPS they gave up. One example being my daughter in law who was passing her drug tests but was told by her case worker that it didnt mean anything for her to pass her drug tests she was still not making good decisions and it was like she was on a dry drunk, whatever that means.

During those 18 months I sent numerous emails to CPS begging them to give me a reason, a real reason I couldn't get my granddaughter. Also in those 18 months I remained in contact with the foster family and my granddaughter and even had several video visits with my grandchild, etc.

After 18 months almost to the day the parents lost their rights and the plan was for the foster family to adopt. Which I was ok with it because the foster family was going to let me visit her in person and have a relationship with her but soon after parental rights were taken and I asked the foster parents if we could meet they told me Cps didn't think it was a good idea for me to see her and that until the adoption was final she was still in CPS custody. I immediately called CPS and left messages and emails and texts asking what in the world I had done to be treated like this and finally after several days I received a text from yet another case worker informing me that in the State of North Carolina grandparents have no rights and that they had information that I was also abusing substances with the parents. I could not believe what they were telling me that all this time this is what it come down to false accusations if they were even any because why would they have not have told me this before so I could have had a chance to defend myself and furthermore if allegations are made towards someone that will affect the rest of their lives and the rest of the child's life should those allegations not be investigated I have been charged, I have been tried, and I have been sentenced for a crime that I had not been informed of. Please for any grandparent out there who is going through this I pray for you. My world has been destroyed by this and althought the foster family has adopted her I still have only had the chance to see her one time at her 4th birthday party and I was treated like I was a criminal out to hurt my grandchild. I can not believe the whole situation.