Grandmother's fight

Cps corruption in Kenton county Kentucky

In 2013 Kenton county Kentucky took my granddaughter over a domestic violence dispute with her daughters father. Ive tried since 2013 to get full custody of my granddaughter and cps has denied our entire family. Judge Mehling refuses to let me in the court room to explain to him that Im more than willing to take my granddaughter. I have no drug convictions nor drug use ever,no felonies and I have a 3 bedroom home with just me and my minor daughter whom Im raising along with 4 more children prior. I was still denied my rights to my granddaughter. My only grandbaby! This has been very devastating for me and my family. Instead of cps or the courts helping my daughter and educating her they took her daughter a week before her first birthday. I was lied to by the supervisor Jeff Taren. He stated if my home visit was suitable with enough room, no felonies or drug charges that I would have my granddaughter back home to celebrate her first birthday! Like I said before, he lied. I received a call from the case worker Lynn Young that I was denied for not working full time because of some medical issue's. The last time my daughter went to court, judge Christopher Mehling told her to come back in September 2016 for the adoption of my granddaughter to the foster parents Mehling told her if she refuses to sign over all her parental rights that she would never have another child in the state of Kentucky that he wouldn't ordered to be removed! These foster parents a few months after getting my granddaughter she was rushed to Children's hospital over a broken femur bone. She was placed in a body cast. No investigation and no removal. We was not informed of this til the next day when cps called us in for an emergency meeting to defend the foster parents. Please help me get this case investigated. I want to bring our baby home and Im on a deadline because come September it will be to late! Please help me..... Thank you!
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