Government gang stalking is REAL

the thing about the harassment is that all was fair. As long as I was the one being harassed, picked on, or bullied it was all good, but the moment I took a stance, the moment I stood up for myself, then it was a problem. Suddenly there was concern that I could be some sort of a threat, and the multitude that came against me, used each other to complain and made it look like I was the problem. Had I been the one doing any of this to them, the problem would have been solved at the on set, but it's only a problem when you fight back, not when you are the one being picked on. See how that works?

The same is true on the street. Doesn't matter if they bang into you, try to drive over you, run you down, the fact that you are followed like an animal day in and day out, the moment you yell at them, hit back at them, or whatever, then you are the problem. They can litterally kill you, rape you, rob you, harm things you care about like pets, your kids, break into your house, and all other sort of villany, and no one will say a word. It's the hypocracy of this system, but let's say you catch one and beat the tar out of them, or try to arm yourself, suddenly it's a problem.

To them it does not matter how much physical, spiritual or other forms of violence is used against the target, it's sport for them, the same way it was sport to watch lions feed on people in Roman times, but the moment you defend yourself, that is when it is a problem.

The thing about being a target is that you realise in many cases, you can not reason with most of them. Many of them are low, vile, and they stupidly imagine that you would someday be happy or comfortable being one of them, when that is so far off from reality. They live in one world, and they often wish to corrupt your worlds to suit their needs. Some people might eventually give in, but the reality is many targets myself included loath the way these people live, act, behave, and how they destroy the innocent, and most people will do what they can to avoid becoming a part of what they despise.

That was just some little insight that I am sure most targets are aware of. They like you to sit back quitely and take your punishments, to keep your mouth closed, but the reality is, exposing what they are doing is often the one true weapon that many of us have. Exposing them often does not have to involve violence, and making others aware of what is happening means that when they see the situation, some of them at least can see it for what it is. Otherwise these lowlife creatures are happy to get away with what they can. They are low in their every thought, actions, and deeds, and honestly I realise that in many ways the best way to deal with them would be honestly to just knock some sense into them, but on the other hand, I realise that in our namby pamby cry baby socitey you should try to avoid any kind of confrontation with them if and when you can ??