Government Gang-Stalking and Electromagnetic Torture

Help Stop Government Gang-Stalking and Electromagnetic Torture

Millions of people across this country including myself are being targeted in various ways by a growing number of covert harassment groups.

I am a Middle Eastern studies scholar with a B.S. in Area Studies of the Middle East and North Africa. I have attempted twice to obtain a Masters degree in politics of the region at a European university in hopes of becoming a college professor and helping the citizens of the U.S. learn about this region in an accurate manor. Unfortunately, I was run out of the country both times. Everyday for 5 years people have been going out of their way to give me a hard time based on my political, religious and personal views about life and the world. They have also created several inaccurate situations in order to discredit me. I was lead to believe that this is a county that prides itself in allowing its citizens to have their own opinions and beliefs.

The oddest portion of this is that as they harass me through their mobbing techniques, or ?gang-stalking? and their electromagnetic gadgetry they have constantly attempt to recruit me to work for the government. I personally cannot take any more of what has been happening to me. They use an electromagnetic torture device on me causing me constant physical pain. They have tapped my phones, my computer, a tracking device and listening equipment in my car as well as listening and video equipment in every home I have lived in over the past 5 years. I have not had one second of privacy for as long as I can remember. I am positively aware that some citizens are told to do or say random things around me, but that they are not fully aware of why they are placed there or for what reason they are participating. Hence the governments way of using mobbing techniques to harass me with innocent people. It is obvious that taxpayer dollars are being wasted on this.

A method that will help possibly bring hundreds to thousands of people forward to speak of their limited knowledge about this would be to post articles in the newspapers as well as in the national news media. Help bring to the surface the rogue elements of our government that should be there to protect us and not torture us. I have met several character?s in the past 5 years that were placed around me to watch me or in most cases to question me to talk about the past, present and my future plans. A key few have even admitted to having government ties while I lived in Virginia and London, the two places that had the most activity and preparation. I need retribution and I have to know that all the people directly responsible with the decision making of this event either face prison time or at the least have their careers taken from them. Someone needs to make sure that this does not happen to another American again. This entire event is an obvious result of ignorant people not being able to make unbiased decisions having access to unlimited power without a concern for civil and human rights. This could be

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Feb 11th, 2019
Will&Sherry W. from Reno, NV writes:
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To whom it may concern, I want to Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I believe that many of the men and women who serve in Government positions are good, honest, just, and hopefully above all else, Godly people. I also know, so if I know, I have no doubt that some of you, if not all, know rogues or men and women of corruption, deceit and greed have infiltrated into every branch of the Government and law enforcement agencies, (some for many years). My prayers are with you as you fight to protect the people and battled the corruption and evil that works amongst you and against you. God calls his people to be a voice of truth and justice. I also know, so again if I know, I have no doubt you must know, to some extent, hidden under whatever name(s)/title(s) are vicious and cruel hate crimes of organized gang stalking and a targeted individuals program, that exist inside the Government against innocent American citizens. Inside or along with these programs is the use of electronic harassment, direct energy weapons, illegal 24/7 surveillance, and illegal phone and electronic wire tapping and hacking on a large scale. (I assure you as I'm typing this, my life is being threatened at this very moment and I'm being hit by these weapons, by the very Government that was sworn to protect me.) These programs are designed to strip an individual of their basic needs, safety, shelter, clothing, food, safe drinking water, relationships and a sense of belonging, reputation, false imprisonment, financial or economical security, and freedom (basic freedom over our own bodies, as well as political, social, economical, etc.) These programs are designed, organized, over seen, ran and funded jointly by multiple departments and branches of the Government. Even the USPS plays a huge part, when it comes to identity and mail theft and fraud. Local law enforcement overwhelms us with road blocks, discrediting and refusal to investigate our cases. In my particular situation, I am actually harassed, stalked, discredited and threatened by law enforcement. The police officers of the Reno Police Department. These programs are increasing in number and power. The knowledge they exist and are active, is there, yet it is being allowed to continue. These weapons being used are used to force kidnapping, even to the extent of forcing us against are will, (as well as force us to sleep and struggle to wake up, slur our speech, frustrate our thoughts), all our freedoms have been taken away. These weapons are used for reading our thoughts and V2K (a form of personal and mental rape, leaving not even the privacy of our own thoughts and prayers), rape of our bodies and genitals, which are constantly targeted, tracking, 24/7 surveillance, intimidation, manipulation, physical assaults with no touch weapons, attempted murder, attempts to control and force submission, and murder (by suicide or homicide). ALL have been forced and committed against me, accept the actual success of murder, at this point. I am fighting, with the best of my abilities and the grace of God, against this corruption of pure evil and conspiracy to control and commit murder against innocent Americans and people around the world. I am fighting against my housing agencies NNCHRB and Juniper Village Apartments in Reno, NV, the Reno Police Department and branches of the Government involved, in every effort to bring awareness and exposure. In pursing after my rights and freedoms the gang stalking elements, DEW and electronic harassment in this attack against me, have GREATLY, I stress GREATLY increased. I urge you to search your hearts and minds through prayer and ask God for the strength, courage, wisdom, power and willingness, to stand up, speak out, expose these multiple, mass, hate crimes (of extreme felony status) and help us and protect us, as we fight against it. As we fight for our lives and freedoms. Know this, if there is any truth in the negative that they say about us, hidden in falsified criminal and medical records and slander campaigns, the truth is pale in comparison to the lies and reasons they speak against and about us, to try and justify their reasonings. Sincerely, Sherry L. Weidner (AKA Lewis) Targeted Individual 525 Morrill Ave Reno, NV 89512
Feb 11th, 2019
Will&Sherry W. from Reno, NV signed.
Feb 3rd, 2019
Madonna A. from Salt Lake City, UT writes:
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I to am a victim. Everyday it only gets worse. I have lost everything, I been blacklisted, electronically harassed, they follow me everywhere. My apts. All tampered with, can't go to law enforcement, their involved . even the judge said; I don't see how these simple people think they can just leave..trying to leave, not from here and don't know anybody. All the places I been to ; like housing, DMV, assistance programs even jobs, told me they don't have me in their system. Like I never been there. Like I don't exist. Think their trying to eliminate me. Know their saying things out loud , so I'll hear . My life is nothing now. I want my life back. My reputation and my good name. Everybody is involved in trying to destroy me. Living my life under the eye for over 15yrs. My neighbors are all involved. My phone app is false, so somebody is running my phone. Everything they video and pictures they take are shared on media. Vehicles headlights and tail lights are all altered, to help them . headlights video you and tail lights take your picture. Their phones can do a lot. I can go on, but this has taken up so much of my life that I think of nothing else. I am tired of being displayed and judged, everyone looks at me different, like they know me, mumbling things under their breath. Just wish it would stop. Before I give up....on life I have no more
Jan 15th, 2019
Someone from Jacksonville, FL writes:
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I’m under 24 hour surveillance. My apartment complex seems to be allowing my neighbors to gang stalk me and deprive me of sleep. They’re making me look crazy to family and friends. I’m pretty sure they will see that I have written this, but I’m desperate for help.
Dec 30th, 2018
Someone from Virginia Beach, VA writes:
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This is what I sent.... Please Sirs, We have written so many times, do many people that do not do their jobs. Cease illegal government surveillance and cyber crimes, all electronic harassment including microwave and ultra sonic, gang and community stalking, promoting untrained community crime patrols that get involved in harassment of assumed criminals, using city or town services for illegal harassment, non consenting medical and scientific research, non due process for ACCUSED people, defamation of character in the communities, illegal entry to homes and property, and breaking the laws and Constitution. What good are laws if everyone is not held accountable to them? These rogue government sponsored groups are criminal entities. That seemingly can get away with anything. Laws do not matter to them. Until they are charged with breaking these Federal, state, and local laws, it will continue on innocent people. Even criminals deserve their due process and civil rights. Those targeted by these people are not given any chance. The local police that are suppose to protect and serve its citizens do not. The FBI and DOJ do not do their jobs. The politicians do not care as long as their money keeps coming in. All of you of authority should be ashamed of yourselves. You let these people get away with this it will continue and get worse till there is no America. A name is a name. It is the laws, values, our Constitution, and the people that make America. Mark my words, all of those in authority need to handle this now and make these people pay according to the law, especially the leaders involved OR we will cease to be who we are. Too many people are being targeted by these government rogue entities. People do not trust law enforcement, our politicians, nor the FBI, DOJ, Homeland security, and so on. These rogues are helping to cause descent in America. Check those that committed mass atrocities that complained about being followed and harassed. Who are the ones instigating riots and violence? What is their connections? We do not need anymore negative pushes in this country. It is your job to make everyone accountable to all our laws or why have them? Thank you for your time if you read this.
Dec 25th, 2018
Someone from Vista, CA writes:
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I am a victim of this as well. They have technology where they can see what I see, see what I think, see images that I imagine, see brain imp images & they can cause sensations on my body like itching, burning & vibrating. They can move my feces back & forth in my intestines. They can give me a heart murmur. They can speak to me in my head & no one else around me can hear them. I have tested & proved all of these things to be true. Please tell me if you come across the technology that enables you to do all of this, because I've searched everywhere on the web.
Dec 18th, 2018
Someone from Baton Rouge, LA writes:
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Sounds as though you are being attacked by the (anti)- american act. If you study Politics you already know of it. As a foreign born citizen you should seek the ACLU are another civil rights law group.
Dec 16th, 2018
Someone from Lively, VA writes:
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I am also a target but have no clue why. Have witnesses, video, etc. Plan to approach and ask why tomorrow. I have nothing to hide im just sick of it. I lost my son and I have no place I feel I can even cry without someone knowing.
Dec 10th, 2018
Someone from Phoenix, AZ writes:
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I'm a victim that hope we all can get closer
Oct 28th, 2018
Stephanie D. from Pompano Beach, FL writes:
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It has turned into Cuba here in USA....nobody is happy. Not the perps or the victims. Everybody is scared and dissatisfied. The world sucks and is no longer worth living in.

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