government discrimination against recovering addicts and alcoholics

our government has expanded a list that was originally devloped for individuals who defrauded the governent, in the past 12 years it has expanded to include recovering addicts and alcoholics

In 1980, the OIG created an exclusion list to prevent individuals who had defrauded the government from participating in federally funded programs. This seems logical.

However, in 1997, this list was expanded to include any health care individual who lost their license (regardless of the reason). The majority of these individuals suffer from the disease of addiction and I believe a loss of a license is punitive enough. Apparently the governement did not agree. It is very obvious that this is prejudicial and perpetuating the stereo type that addicts are "bad and untrustworthy" people.

The boards do not tell you of this list or the ramifications(i.e. these people are banned from an entire industry).

The ADA states that no emplyer can discriminate against an employee because they are in recovery so how ironic that the government can ban these same individuals from an entire industry?

I am asking that we go back to what this list was intended to do, save it for unscrupulous people who intentionally defrauded the government. Quit punishing diseased and disabled individuals for profit.