Good Fathers deserve a Fair Chance

I'm starting this petition due the a recent civil suit filed against me from a relationship that a beautiful daughter was born. I started talking to my girlfirend about us getting married so that we could raise our daughter right. I as heart broken and disappointed to hear her say that this child isn't yours after being in a relationship with her for 3+ years. The girlfriend dissappeared pretty much and as soon as i decide to move on with my life 5yrs later. i got a slap in the face two days before i get married being suied for child support, a week after being married had to appear in court to find that i had no rights, and was denied everything that i asked for that would help to start rebuilding a father daughter relationship. Judge ruled and gave the mom the authority of when i could and could not see my own child and stuck me with $625.00 in child support with backpay in the amount of $9000.00 and order a wage garnishment from my job if i was to be late one time. Everyone experiecnces hard times except for the moms that wait for the deposit in their account to spend the money on everything but wha the child needs.
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