Give our money back

There is over a Trillion dollars still sitting there of OUR money not being used we could USE that money right now

The idea that healthcare is what is causing all the job loss is false. Healthcare has been the way it is for decades. Most Americans have been steady working for that time. The problem is the taxes and with the TARP and the stimulus packages we are paying more and more. We can't afford to live because of all the taxes. Companies can't afford to start or grow because of all the taxes.

Now there is another stimulus package being proposed that will give money to roads and bridges. ANOTHER Government project. A lot of the original package went to this and did nothing to create jobs. Roads and bridges are only a fraction of the job market. On top of that MOST of the people working on these projects are illegal immigrant workers. THIS IS NOT HELPING AMERICANS.

R&B construction does not help the carpenter, the plumber, the auto mechanic. It doesn't help the retail store. It doesn't help the farmer or the HVAC tech. All it does is put MORE money in a Government fund to be swapped around and spent as they wish. To add insult to injury the original stimulus package has only had 1/3 of it spent and now the government is asking for more. TARP has gotten $650 billion paid back. Where is THAT money going to?

There is STILL $700 billion left of the Stimulus package. $650 billion has been repaid from TARP. Making over a TRILLION dollars. To stimulate the economy there has to be money. People are not working so NO MONEY. You could give EVERY person in America $4,000. That's how much money is LEFT and just being sat upon.

Here is an idea that I hope will be strongly considered. For every tax payer who files taxes this year, if they are single send them $2,000 if they are married send them $4,000. It's OUR money anyway. People will spend it, pay down some debt or put it in the bank. That will stimulate the economy in so many different ways. The banks and auto makers aren't the ones who need to be bailed out. WE the American people need to be bailed out from bailing the government, banks and auto makers.

OR use the money to buy back the bonds from all the other countries who now have a CONTROLING interest in America. Pay the deficit down SOMETHING. Don't just let the money sit there doing nothing and allow the interest to grow. It is unacceptable to have this money and over 7 million Americans out of work. Do something to help create jobs with THAT money

Stop taking our money and not doing anything with it to help us. If you're not going to use it in a sensible and responsible manner GIVE IT BACK.