Sophie has accused her mother's boyfriend Jacob Bellington of sexually abusing her, also her mother knowing of the abuse.

In this video Sophie's grandmother uses excessive force to try to remove Sophie from the car to exchange custody between mother and father.
Sophie sustained injuries from both grandmother and mother in different occasions removing her from the car.

Sophie is heard screaming in fear as she does not want to go to her mother's care.

The words of this police officer are shocking and sickening. He tells Sophie's father it's a bad environment for siohie to see him sitting in the car recording as he does nothing. Keep in mind, Sophie's father was encouraged by his lawyer to record and also court ordered to stay in the car.

The officer goes on to say, when I child fights with their parents while being whipped with a belt, it's the child's fault for fighting back and causing injury to themselves.

Would you as a mother force your child, causing harm to come in your custody when they've accused someone in your home of sexually assaulting them and leaving blood in their underwear?

Yes it's an open investigation but we have a duty to #SaveOurChildren

14:40 through 16:30 in this video. She is begging the biological mom's mother (her grandmother) to listen and tells her what is happening to her.

Her grandmother asks "who's touching you" She says Mr. Jake and Mommy watches. Mommy watches it happen."

Her grandmother asks "Where does he touch you" Sophie says "my Vivi" Sophie goes on to talk about blood in her underwear and the fighting and how she is tired of all of it.

The grandmother dismisses her completely and says that if she felt that bad about herself she couldn't have gotten the lead in the school play or done gymnastics"

Michelle King

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