Full disclosure

To be on I'll make this clean my name Francisco I've been 38 years I don't remember my childhood anymore don't think I know is labeled because of your so-called government I'm sick of this country I want change I hate corporate America I rather die and not be in this world I'm trying to be negative but that's how I really feel about this world at this current junction so I beg you if you have some humanity do something support support The whistleblower support the people who know the truth behind everything I know the truth of alien then be stuck in a in a bad world I rather die than me here honestly I want to give up my whole body and my life to be here even if it's painful about to leave and never come back so I'll make this request as a miserable 38 year old man impeach Joe Biden he's not the same one and you know it and support Trump and release this closure I'm sick of tired delays you're supposed to shut down and you didn't I wanted that I want world Peace I don't want war I don't want to fight I rather die than kill someone that I have nothing to do with I will never support the army I rather be killed than support I'd rather be even treasonal to corporate America and honestly I don't care about money but it's nice that everybody considered equal the point is I'm part of living this existence I want this nightmare to end so I'm going to beg please protect the whistleblowers protect people who knows more than you do if you don't know I'm sorry for you being lied to but if you don't want to help somebody then you're part of a problem if you want to help do what you can if you can imagine how I feel imagine all the American citizen half of them for all of them are tired of this b******* how much you want to people will say this world is f****** ghetto and not referred to black people I'm referring the world in general I want things to change ASAP if you have to forgive some people and they if they're capable of asking forgiveness there might be some hope and not get rid of them kill them make them pay for their crime I don't care about them nor do I want them around in my presence if I were to live in this world as a human I am tired exhausted being in a world where you have to wear what you eat well you don't know you're eating people or world where you don't know what you're eating you don't know it's healthy for you it's pretty much you're eating anything that could kill you slowly kill you and I want this to stop people might call me crazy and honestly I lost the will to even care any corrupt politician I wouldn't care about them they have sympathy and they have regression if they know what they did wrong and they will do anything to make it up for us sure I could forgive them but they have no heart they deserve death honestly I know I repeat myself a lot but you got to admit I am not happy here each and every one of us suffering different ways much worse than others and I feel sorry for all these people died in many different horrible ways much horrible than anybody could imagine see I'm not afraid of dying no I'm what I don't like to experience a pain that comes before my death so I asked if you want to do good things protect the whistleblowers protect everybody that knows the secrets behind these dark projects do what you can what's right if you don't want to then you're the problem and you will be removed if there is an election I will support Trump I don't care what any other group of politicians says I will support him all right believe in him that he's doing better than you would you should be ashamed of yourself I don't watch TV anymore cuz every time I watch TV it's always stupid bad news constantly bad news made up news I'm sick of talking to a point that I don't want to watch it and there's a hell this world is hell and I rather not come back and if I come back as a different type of person or as a spirit I'll take my vengeance against every a****** that's still alive and torture him slowly and painfully and I'll tell their family how evil they dreams and I'm sorry I got to wait this is only for good politician for for the assholes I could care less about you I wish you listen and I'm sorry for cursing at the same time I'm tired of this world so much I'm tired for one I'm tired for the simply I want world Peace no more fighting no more words nothing peace respect and infinite resources and ultimate health that's all and probably the best one of all everybody equal