Freedom for the Wrongly Convicted

My husband,Michael Guerere was coerced into taking a plea bargain at the age of 19 for a crime he was present at but was not the person who shot and killed 2 people. Michael was told that if he did not take the plea bargain, that the solicitor of our State would seek the death penalty against him. Michael had a public defender that never saw any evidence against him, convinced him because of his presence at the crime, to take a plea bargain that would send him to prison for life, as of today, he has served 26 years in prison.Please look into this matter and find in your hearts to help free a man who never denied his presence at his crime BUT has always said, to his lawyer, to the court system, to his family and even strangers, "I do not deny I was there but I never pulled trigger and killed those people." We pray for your help, we need your help but most of all, Michael needs HIS justice in this matter, he deserves to come home due to many injustices in his case.

Thank You,
Wendy Guerere
work (843)556-9009

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