Free Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi from Mexican jail

An honest mistake lands him in jail for more than 6 weeks and counting...

After serving 2 tours in Afghanistan, we owe Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi all of our help in freeing him from jail in Mexico.

On 31 Mar, Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi was driving with his friends to go to a Mexican restaurant and accidentally missed the last exit before the Mexican border. Without the ability to turn around before he crossed the border, he proceeded to the Mexican customs post, where he explained that he missed the exit before the crossing, and volunteered that he had three US legal guns in the vehicle. After that, Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi was arrested and charged with gun smuggling into Mexico.

While we all understand the problem of illicit arms and drug smuggling between Mexico and the US, it is clear that Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi was not part of it. He made an honest mistake, admitted it to the Mexican border agents, and was arrested anyway. His admission and cooperation with the Mexican authoirties strongly attest to his innocent intent.

I urge you to put all diplomatic and legal pressure to ensure Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi is released in a timely manner. To have a Marine, who moved to San Diego to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to be locked away indefinitely in a Mexican jail for an honest mistake is a tragedy. The worse tragedy for him and the hundreds of thousands of other veterans--is the message it sends if you ignore his plight. Please take time to address Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi's freedom-- and help bring him home!