\"Free Asia Bibi\" repeal blasphemy law of Pakistan

Repeal Blasphemy law of Pakistan and Free Asia Bibi sentenced to death on blasphemy

Pakistan: ?Free Asia Bibi? mother of 5 and victim of blasphemy law: Death Sentence on Blasphemy law negates Universal Human Rights: Condition all US Aid and IMF Loans, World Bank Loans and other Aid to Pakistan on Repeal of Blasphemy Laws; Extremists Muslims are targeting Religious minorities in Pakistan under blasphemy laws with cooperation of Muslim League Nawaz Group PML (N) government of Nawaz Sharif; Nawaz Sharif won election with support of Tehreek Talban Pakistan TTP, Tehreek Talban Punjab TTP, Lashker Tabbiyia and Lashkere Jangvi who bombed and blocked rallies of moderate Muslim political parties in national general elections of May 11, 2013.

Asia Bibi was sentenced to death on accusation of blasphemy law in 2009; her appeal is pending and continuously delayed in Lahore High Court since 2010. Sawan Masih and Christian couple Shagufta Kasur and Shafqat Emmanuel has been sentence to death on accusation of blasphemy in months of March-April 2014, which have spread fear among Pakistani Christians. Pakistan Christian Congress PCC and World Vision in Progress WVIP appeals US Congress to press upon government of Pakistan and condition aid to Pakistan on repeal of blasphemy laws which is targeting Christians and Ahamdiyyia religious minorities in Pakistan;