Fraud allowed in California courts

Our inheritance was stolen by falsifying documents, I have all proof but the courts here in California won't do nothing about it so we could get what's rightfully ours, my sister and I did all the hard work. The probate court did not allow me to subpoena the bank to provide substantial evidence nor did they let me speak on my behalf. I stood in front of 4 justices at the appellate court, they told me this isn't the court for this case but yet they made a ruling, and the California supreme court initiated my case gave me a case number and denied my review. I researched for 4 years and obtained all proof of fraud and it's like the California courts have blinders on. I have found documents of my mother's sitting in the middle of a map of China along with an encrypted letter addressed to China. What more can I do? What authorities can I talk to in order to get our inheritance back? I went to the highest court possible in California.
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