for the loving pitts that are not aggressive

All Pitt bulls are not aggresive ,it depends how they are raised. unlike the professional football players or people that dont care about animals . You raise them like your children , you love and respect them and teach them to love one another just

Just 2 weeks ago a pittbull saved a familys life in the state of Ohio, it all depends how you raise your animals.PITTBULLS , should only have to have insurance or be declaired dangerous if there has been any reports of harming another human/animal or has been reported attempting . any dog can turn on others its just not pitts. it all about how you raise your animal . i raise bother my saintbernard and pitt to love one another and anyone they come into contact with . i have many people across the united states to back me up we can not let micheal vick or these otherabusive people to hurt the rest of the economy the mojortie loves all animals ....