We Must Ban this Poisonous Fluoride from our United States Water Supplies for our Health ~

Please sign to ban Fluoride in the United States water supply. It is toxic. You need high levels of iodine to filter Fluoride out of your body, iodine also helps regulate our hormones, (too little or too much cause hypothyroid and hyperthyroid and MUCH worse health effects and DEFECTS) filter out Fluoride, heavy metals.. We ALREADY have enough POISONS in our foods; GMOS, Arsenic, Antibiotics and so much more. We NEED to at LEAST not have to deal with this Fluoride in our water. We are paying to be poisoned. We are supposed to drink a lot of water but if we drink a lot, we are also poisoning ourselves worse!

Fluoride takes so much out of our bodies that all of our hormones are out of wack. Iodine is poison to our brains. There is research everywhere. Multiple Towns, Cities and Countries have banned it.

We should NOT have to buy THOUSANDS of dollars worth of Water Filtration Systems to avoid this poison. WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DRINK THE WATER OUT OF THE TAP.


It is AS SIMPLE as NOT buying the Fluoride and NOT applying it to our water!

Water is for DRINKING, not applying to our TEETH, that is what our toothpaste and mouthwash is for. Even then, Fluoride is NOT good for us in any way shape or form.

Water is for internal health and processing and the Fluoride is wrecking hovac on our bodies.

PLEASE Sign! Please Share! I beg you! Ban Fluoride Federally in the United States of America!

We DO NOT NEED IT! Please Share, Please Sign, Please Understand.