Cruel, painful and suffering way for any animal to die. Please BAN this practice.

United States Congress: Make heartstick euthanasia illegal!

Please help ban the cruel and painful way of euthanasia at animal shelters throughout the United States known as Heartsticking*. Dogs and cats are denied basic care and are put to sleep using Heartstick* & Gassing (both cause a slow, painful, stressful death) methods. These forms of cruel euthanasia are banned in most states. They are considered to be cruel and inhumane by the Humane Society of the United States.

Let's fight for better laws to end animal cruelty in America and Worldwide. Help make 2013 safer, happier, healthier year for animals!

*Intracardial injections, commonly referred to as "heart sticks," are considered inhumane and cruel when performed on animals that aren't anesthetized or comatose. This practice is

so irresponsibly abused it needs to be banned altogether!

Using the "heart stick" method is painful because the needle containing sodium pentobarbital - a schedule II controlled substance used to euthanize animals - passes through the chest wall and several layers of muscle before puncturing the heart. If the euthanasia substance isn't carefully and accurately administered, an animal's lungs could be punctured, causing them to fill with fluid, a cruel and painful way to die.

Intracardial injections are difficult to administer effectively on fully conscious animals because in the animal, the lungs and the heart are constantly moving, said Dr. Bonnie Beaver, a veterinarian and professor of veterinary medicine who is considered a euthanasia expert by the American Veterinary Medical Association.



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Public Comments (1,451)
Jan 3rd, 2018
Stacey S. from Bradenton, FL signed.
Dec 11th, 2017
Katharine H. from Cape Coral, FL writes:
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This is barbaric and must stop! The least we as a society can offer these poor animals is a gentle passing. We shouldn't be euthanizing at all.
Nov 8th, 2017
Valerie M. from Oviedo, FL signed.
Sep 27th, 2017
Michelle P. from Festus, MO writes:
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I cannot believe this is still legal! You are allowing these animals to be tortured and suffer! Its bad enough their lives are ending but to make them endure so much pain? Please put an end to this horrible practice asap!
Sep 27th, 2017
Someone from El Mirage, AZ writes:
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Such BS. Be kind if must euthanize.
Sep 27th, 2017
KATEE S. from Belleville, IL writes:
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Until Florida outlaws this sickening evil, no one in our extended family will ever visit Florida again. We will also circulate a petition to boycott Disneyworld as long as Orlando carries this on.
Jul 18th, 2017
Jessica A. from Deltona, FL writes:
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This is cruel and Inhumane animals are living beings I don't want to lose faith in humanity this needs to stop!
Jul 8th, 2017
Someone from Silver Springs, FL signed.
Jul 1st, 2017
Allison A. from Orlando, FL writes:
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Why are we torturing these innocent animals?! Please end this now!!!!
Dec 26th, 2016
Someone from Palm Beach Gardens, FL writes:
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im surprised this still goes on rarely a heartstick is nessary

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