father's have rights

I'm payin child support for a child I dont kno if he mines or not never,said he was or not..i been pay Childsupport every since 1995,as soon as child was born I didn't kno the lady was pregnant until I received papers at my job..i was young and didn't kno wat to do..i have tried reaching out to her through family ? friends etc,still no contact..i have payed $41,000 and some chain they say I still owe $59,000.. This is back pay and he is 28 yrs old now...i got behind cause I became disable and couldn't work anymore,I dont think its fair how women get away without doing nothing but collect money ? from the father and he is not a dead beat dad,us men should have more rights.The law needs to be changed for Childsupport for men and on paying back pay..i will be paying back pay til I Die ? I'm struggling im on disability I can't afford to pay Childsupport I might as well go back to work cause im on disability and they still taking money ? out my check on the 3rd of every month..i get 1072,they was taken half of dat until he came off child support now im payin arrears..its not fair something needs to change now..i didn't even received no stimulus because of arrears' I owe,she got the money ? and gets mo money ? from me every month.
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