Family Court Tarrant county corruption

Tarrant county Fort Worth Family Court , absolute disgusting abuse of power. District Judge and associate judge screen, lie, and change orders as corrupted lawyers tell them what is needed for their criminal clients. Why we need a judge when lawyers rule?
Pathetic, unprofessional and totally disrespectful behabiors towards decent citizens.
Associated judge acted like hysterical child, and screen " I dont care" " this is my court" without let the other person talk. If one try to say something will be arrested by the security, who is another sick of power himself. Since when the court belong to a judge and since when a judge take openly and freely side with his/her friend layers? I will never believe what I have experience and been traumatized by been treat as trash. I would like to be able to explain the multiples irregularities and contaminate atmosphere in our system and maybe be able to belive again that we are in a free country.

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