Family court it's like changing at law by the citizen into a criminal

Family court system in Madera County would turn you into a criminal if you're by a law by the citizen the court system is so corrupt took me fifteen years to get divorce they destroyed my life they don't care if you have going through surgery and you living in the car after putting you in the street with phony restraining orders even though they know that the phony though still give you 5 years to keep the system going so the attorneys can make money 15 years how many times that I have thought to grab the gun and shoot the bastards for what they did to me for 15 years in the family court system in Madera County how do I file complaints to the FBI senators and congressmen and even the president of the United States nobody seems like her because they keep telling me that somebody else is in charge of them they have no jurisdiction over the court system these people will put themselves In Harm's Way to make a few dollars in my case about 40,000 from me in about another forty thousand for my wife on more they don't care about my wife living care about me and my kids and my grandkids all they care about how much money they were making and how the judges use the court systems in order for the lawyers and make money they know how to make it last as long as they can and I can't 15 years back and forth to one chord to another when they jump back and they stake your dogs and animals so you can fight for them they award one party all the house or didn't even let me go on the property and get my blood thinner medicine they lied even the sheriff was at my house not letting me go on the property even though I didn't have a restraining order to get my Eliquis life-threatening medicine that I had sheep are horrible but they do just for money a divorce should not take longer than a few months six at the most but they find out how much you worth then they go after in my case I had a lot of lawsuits from workman's comp and other personal lawsuits I kept going until I get these Awards so they can get their hands on my rewards they went on until they finally couldn't get anymore but this many times I wanted to grab a gun and just go shoot the lawyers or judge my case this is why they have Sheriff's protecting them they put the police officers in danger over money they put in every public person in danger just to get a hold of your money lawyer should not charge by the hour it should be a flat fee in my case that was totally going to cost me $10,000 but they kept going until it it cost me over $40,000 because of my lawsuits that I had I was supposed to these lawyers lie they don't care they working for you but they do what they want it's a crime what the court systems is courts are designed to the fair they were created for us to get a fair trial not for them to violate your Civic rights even though my wife got impeached cuz of the string and one of the string you notice it doesn't happen to her because they love these easterners because that's how they make their money two they're lucky that I'm a law-abiding citizen because they almost changed me into a murderer I want people to know this because it's people are the most freaking retarded people on the planet of the Earth they put the Life In Harm's Way over a few thousand dollars what you would have been glad to pay for if they just ended my divorce and be fair but they don't know nothing about being fair they think about long as they more they keep the score in the more money they make to justify how they took stole your money you don't file complaints because you don't have enough money to hire another lawyer to go on again there needs to be accountability for judges and lawyers otherwise we'd never have a fair court system the insanity of all this is how they put themselves In Harm's Way over money they actually turn you into a hateful person it took every screen and every hour me and pray to God for me not to grab a gun and shoot these f****** people they don't deserve to be on this planet of the Earth I know God has no place for them and their hair in his heaven don't these people know someday that their kids might go through the court system and get divorce they do to you is a crime itself God help them all I don't think God is going to help them to what does the rhyme of Shakespeare kill all the lawyers actually believe lawyers are destroying this country along the judges got to help are you cuz you guys don't deserve to be on the planet of the year you don't deserve to have kids you don't deserve this Earth