Family court corruption and lawyers

I have filed for divorce made it 2007 I received the 5-year restraining order for false allegations brought on by my wife hella corrupt court system allow her to use the system so lawyers can make money judges that use the court system to allow lawyers to make money I was not able to see my kids for 14 years now 4 years ago in 2017 I refile for divorce all I had was a house to divide up at some property it's not been approximately almost 4 years that seems like there's no end in sight lawyers and judges are using the courthouses in order for them to make money it shouldn't have to take 14 years to get divorce and I shouldn't have to waste all the money you made in your life in order to get a divorce I sit there in the courtroom I watch these people use the courtroom for their own personal gain why I'm losing my home my kids and everything I ever worked for so some lawyer could take all my money that I ever work for I'm totally disabled now try to hold on to the house that I work so hard to get I'm broke my back for you I can't see how people are so cruel and ordered us to get money lawmakers meet to make judges and lawyers accountable for their actions in court it should never take for years plus in order to get a divorce my divorce is a simple process they seem to just Shuffle the papers back and forth and keep charging me money he get caught in a catch-22 system it's nothing but a scam God help us all if I own court houses can be a fair place to get a divorce every time somebody goes through the court system and Corruption happens it hurts every one of us remember this someday you might have to go through the court system yourselves your kids uncles and aunts and nieces and brothers or sisters if someone's going to get hurt over money it's amazing how more lawyers and judges don't get killed the amount of stress they put on a person especially by taking away their kids I asked you this if you have kids and somebody came and took your kids away for no reason at all without committing a crime what would you do please help me in the fight. Corruption in our courthouses hold judges and lawyers accountable for their corruption I've called about everything to do every congressperson the FBI that I could think that would help me but with no results I asked for you to the American people do not put up with this corruption because this country belongs to us it is not 2020 approximately 13 years later and I'm still not divorce still trying to fight for my house and property that is that is that is mine they're waiting for me to receive money from settlement so they can take my that money what is wrong with one of these people they must not believe in God
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