Families & Jobs of America

It is not a surprise to say that America has an immigration problem, we see it everyday, we live with it everyday. This petition to the United States is for a call of action, a call to repair a broken system that has proven to do more harm than good to it's citizens and to people wishing to be a part of this grand nation.

This is not a call for amnesty but a call for justice for millions of people waiting in line to get their proper documentation so they could live and work in the United States, the current immigration system severely limits the amount of people's who can get a Visa within the current fiscal year, such low limits for certain visas have caused what is known as 'the great backlog' in which millions are currently stuck, many families have not being able to reunite do to this, many businesses have trouble getting more workers once again do this.

This a plead to the United States to significantly increase the amount of visas given, to end 'the great backlog' that's holding our nation and making the United States a joke in the eyes of our rivals. Please be once again that leading force in the world not only militarily or economically but on opportunities as well, become the United State Land of the American Dream where everything is possible.

Thank you,

Sincerely, Ismael Organista