Falsely accused by CPSyolo county

I kids have been gone since October 2019 I've been attending my drug abuse class graduated from my domestic violence graduate from parenting I'm supposed to get my kids back June 28th I mean June 30th CPS had me do a swab drug test and said it was negative when we first saw it when it was taken to the lab it was positive she said I told her that's impossible we had a voice conference everybody thought I relapsed except for my drug abuse class which I graduate in July they knew I haven't been doing drugs I know I haven't been doing drugs so I went and got a hair follicle test on my own to prove that I didn't relapse they didn't want to give me my kids back for three more months on June 30th that's not fair cuz I've been clean so I get my results in and it's negative they lied they said it was positive for meth the mouth swab but it wasn't they lied now I have court on June 30th and I want my kids back since CPS lied made me look stupid insulted me I don't think it's fair that they get away with this please give me my kids back
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