Fairness for fathers

Ya so I've been in a divorce for two and a half years and I have lost almost all custody of my kids and I was a stay at home father and she is a surgeon and it's just not the same rights for men as it would be for a woman in the same postition we still haven't gotten to the finances and there is not a fair and equal balance of law between the legal rights of men to see their children I have since served 20 days in jail with no prior legal issues before the marriage all based on false statements due to the other party the lawyer that works for her David Maddox helped steal my money from my personal finance account. To be quite honest the legal system has made my life harder than I ever have seen and I actually understand why now the country is struggling from a lack of fathers in the home and there will come a time if this doesn't change that we will be forced to surrender to our enemies in this country because of the lack of respect that the government has for men and the important role that fathers serve in this great nation we must reunite with our traditions of our forefathers or our country will have inevitable consequences that cannot be changed I recommend that something changes in this nation as far as a fathers right to see their kids or it will mean our nations eventualy destruction and there is a time clock on changing this we have been doing divorce court like this for 50 years and the greedy unethical lawyers have the system down to where it goes in this order first you get a protection order against the male then you accuse them of child abuse then you accuse them of even worse child abuse then you do the finances then you lose all rights to your kids based on heresay and lies. This is a system of the moral breakdown of society you are paying women to lie in court all because they got a new boyfriend or girlfriend? Who knows anymore but now my children are going to grow up and abuse drugs or get pregnant in high school they have no parent in the home! her cousin was the prosecutor which is also a conflict of interest the custody evaluator was paid off to say bad stuff about me and used state technology to spy and hack my phone which resulted in my children's social security numbers to be exposed to illegal immigrants the FBI is somehow involved because of a guy that has some weird witness protection issues and then there is like all these cult members who she is using to destroy my family internet tarot card idk it's a damn mess and I'm saying this with my honest opinion pardon my language I have no idea about any of that stuff I grew up on a farm I'm seeking justice and help with my life and my mom taught me to always be a gentleman and I even have a audio recording of my soon to be ex wife plotting the whole protective order thing a week before I was even charged. I know you may feel like my story has little to no significance but I would ask you to reconsider that because it's not just happening to me. these problems lead to more and more problems.

Pardon my bad grammar I don't want to punch a bunch of buttons on my Phone. I'm sorry however this is the only way I'll be able to speak to someone about the seriousness of these issues with our justice system.