Expel Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez From Congress, Because She's Already Demonstrated Too Many Disqualifying Ethics Violations and Worrisome Behaviors

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is wholly unqualified for service in the United States Congress.

I. She hasn't demonstrated even a rudimentary understanding of the structure of US Government. This is not a misspeaking, she corrected herself to an even more incorrect statement

"all three chambers of Congress — uh, rather, all three chambers of government: the presidency, the Senate, and the House,"

For our apparently civics-ignorant younger citizens' sake, it bears reiterating that there are 3 branches of US Government--The Executive (The President), the Legislative (The Congress), and the Judicial (Court System, including Supreme Court)

II. She Has Misquoted the Constitution and Makes Frequent Gaffes Revealing that She Does NOT Understand Our EXISTING Laws, Which Goes Without Saying Ought Be A Requirement for Service in Our Primary Lawmaking Body in Government (Congress)

III. She's a troublemaker. When she first arrived in DC, one of the first things she did was stir up trouble in Nancy Pelosi's office, which proves she's more about disaster-politics and the politics-of-revolution than of lawmaking and order. By signing this petition, you're saying you do NOT want this kind of representative, because they will obstruct the lawmaking process with political soap-opery, and frankly, we the people have had about enough of 2.5 yrs of political theater with very little being accomplished.

She's attacking people on the Trump team for doing their job, making defamatory and unsubstantial, false statements. If not meeting a threshold for ethical censure, it shows she's unprofessional, right out of the gate

IV. In Calling the Trump Administration, "Criminal from the Start", we can conclude that Ocasio-Cortez Doesn't Believe in the "Presumption of Innocence", a Basic Tenet of Roman Law on with our legal systems are based; and a principle used in criminal and civil proceedings; and under the UN considered a "human right". This is quite hypocritical, being that this Alexandria virtue signals about rights, pretty much all day long and seems not to understand what rights really are

V. She's threatened Trump Jr. With a Subpoena, already demonstrating that she will abuse her power, once her service begins. Many are citing that this could be construed as threat from someone in a powerful position as a form of censorship, and therefore is a violation of the law-42 U.S. Code § 1983 – Civil action for deprivation of rights // - 18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law. We the signees of this petition believe this to be the case; and at the least a matter that is subject to censure or expulsion from Congress

VI. She's out of touch, she's reviled by the right AND by the left (she's destroying the democrat party from within). I know this isn't a criteria for expulsion or even censure, but it's noteworthy because why would the people want a representative that everyone hates? They will bring down the rest of Congress, miring them in frustration. Other reps have a right to do their job without daily kerfuffles of a half-wit ignoramus whose only redeeming qualities seems to be flawless skin, amusing half-cringeworthy histrionics and diversity quota achievement

Speaking to her completely non-believable pandering to the common man: She's complaining about going from a Bartender in Queens salary of probably not more than 50k to $178,000 and not being able to buy an apartment. She talks about being poor while wearing a 3000 dollar outfit she no doubt purchased from her campaign donations. Give us a break. It's one thing to be gaslit by someone actually intelligent, but it's another thing when it's Ocasio-Cortez


All of these issues taken together should be sufficient to expel Ocasio-Cortez from the Congress. She has no legitimate qualifications to serve. She is not a lawyer. She doesn't even understand the Constitution or the Structure of Government. She doesn't seem to ethically comprehend the rights of citizens granted within the social contract of the Constitution; and she requires too much hand-holding to keep her on a short leash because of her deficits of character and extreme willingness to abuse whatever power she gains.

Please consider expelling Ocacio-Cortez from Congress. We the Signees of this Petition Hold No Confidence in Her Representation of the Republic and Do Not Want Her Service To Continue.

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