Ex wife along with DHS have Taken my 3 Boys!

DHS is a one sided monster who has Lied on multiple occasions and have given me one 2 hr monitored visit per week since September of 2020! They have taken away phone calls, text messaging and have no parent advocates! They have yet to allow my mother abilities to supervise visits (which is ridiculous to begin with as my Children have not even been close to abused or neglected via myself! NOT EVEN CLOSE) IVE PASSED MORE DRUG TESTS IN A MONTH AND A HALF (From May 4th to present) THEN DHS HAS EVEN ATTEMPTED TO GIVE ME, yet unbelievably I have failed all of DHS (3 tests since September 2020 with the most recent being last week and a urine test given to a different agency the next day I took one for DHS. I passed the test taken the next day of DHS urine text but failed DHS test. COMPLETE FALSE LIES HAPPENING and I truly need this case looked into and protested as my 3 boys are my entire world. My ex right along with DHS (who picked her side from the start )have allowed much much emotional damage along with long term damage to occur. Out of approximately 7560 hours since my kids basically were kidnapped, I have gotten approximately 72 hours of physical time with my 3 boys!!!!!!!!!! 72 out of 7560 hours and to top it off I got no calls period on any Holiday NOT ONE. THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE as I am NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A CHILD ABUSER and if the severity of the neglect or abuse (CLAIMED THAT IS ) isn’t severe (WHICH MOST DEFINITELY ISN’T SEVERE) there is no reason to Take my boys from me especially for going on 11 months with no improvements or anything looking great, in fact they tried to set a contested order of placement hearing date fir end of December when there is still be be another 3 month hearing in 3 months THAT RIGHT THERE EXPLAINS THEIR OBJECTIVE AND WHAT THEY INTEND ON DOING and have been intending. I have documentation along with images I can supply to back most if not all of what I say. DHS has WAY TO MUCH POWER and I’ve witnessed it first hand throughout this awful mess! Accountability should and shall be saught as not even one single LIE should spew out of professional individuals like these people who are in control of many family’s lives and future, yet there are PLENTY OF OUTRIGHT LIES I CAN SHOW FIRSTHAND AS WELL!!!! We’re taught to not be a bully and to dislike a nasty bully, However the ones that children are supposed to admire have been enabled to become MONSTER BULLYS, It’s time everyone take a stand and by EVERYONE I MEAN EVERYONE hop aboard!! (WE REFUSE TO BE BULLIED as IM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN WHERE AT LEAST WE ALL HAVE AUTHORITY). So please sit down Bullies, and worry about your Children and raise then accordingly, UNLESS you are Involved in an actual CHILD ABUSE CASE (by the way )I appreciate that good work and commend you on maintaining such a difficult and emotional job!! (Thank You for making a difference and I truly mean that )! However those Bullies have an excellent opportunity to start a new CAREER as the market is flooded with jobs and You Bullies have the perfect opportunity to build your Self Esteem back up!!!!