Evict the Congress

Send Congress & Obama an Eviction Notice

December 16, 2009 will mark the 236th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. On this date in 1773, a patriotic group of Colonists (disguised as Native Americans) boarded ships loaded with Tea from England and dumped it into the Boston Harbor. What became know as "The Boston Tea Party" was the culmination of a resistance movement throughout Colonial America against Britain for levying taxes without a consenting vote from the colonies' own elected representatives.

236 years later, we have a Congress (and President) who blatantly thumb their noses at the U.S. Constitution and ignore the pleas of the majority of American Citizens. Just like our forefathers who threw Tea overboard in Boston, we've identified 9 main reasons why the current Congress should be thrown out in the next election. We want our house back, so we've set a goal to send one million eviction notices to The House of Representatives and the Senate before they adjourn this year. We even have an option to send an eviction notice to the White House!

Written in the spirit and style of our historic Declaration of Independence, this Declaration of Eviction will send a clear message to Congress and The President: Listen to your constituents, OR GET EVICTED!

Here are the Nine Grievances we've listed in the Declaration of Eviction:

- You have broken your contract with America by violating your oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States by expanding the powers of the Government in exchange for our God-given Liberties.

- You have ignored the pleas of the majority of Americans by forcing a takeover of our private health care industry and exchanging it for a bureaucratic nightmare.

You are attempting to control our economy by empowering "Pay Czars" to regulate the income of workers.

- You are increasing taxes on small business owners, the life blood of our free economy, while bailing out the banking industry.

- You are overstepping your Constitutional Boundaries by agreeing with this present Administration to seize control of private industries, such as banking, automobile manufacturing, and health care.

- You have jeopardized the international value of our currency with deficit spending.

- You have failed to secure our national defense by refusing to tap the vast natural resources within our own borders and off our own shores.

- You have punished citizens and private business establishments with further regulation with hysteria and false claims of "climate change".

- You have borrowed against our children's future for political gain today