Establish a Defined & Verifiable Pres./VP Vetting Process

President and VP candidates do not have to go through any FBI background clearance or check. No govt. entity is legally responsible for ensuring they are legally eligible for office under The Constitution.

Both parties pick and choose when they will follow or enforce our laws including The Constitution which the highest elected officials are sworn to uphold. This is unacceptable to most Americans. What is the most important job in the land? Who can order military action that can distroy the planet? Obviously, the President of the USA. Yet, the candidates for President and VP are not vetted by any official government process whatsoever much less any processes and documentation that are disclosed to the citizens. No FBI background check is conducted or any level of security screening. If you want to work for many lower level positions in the govt you have to pass such, yet, not for the President/VP. If you want to be a foster parent you have to pass an FBI background check and the list is endless. How can the persons reporting up through the CIA, FBI, etc. have to pass different clearances and yet nothing for the person that will be running our nation? In this petition we seek members of Congress to create legislation on this issue that will ensure that going forward candidates have to pass FBI background and security screening that is required for a CIA senior level agent (at a minimum). And, that if a candidate's application would not allow them to pass for such a level the reasons should be disclosed to the general public and on a govt website so that voters have the information prior to voting. There would need to be additional details to ensure that the process would be no different than that used in the employment process and non-political.

Currently, despite the calls from the citizens both parties have refused to put a verifiable process in place to ensure that all candiates that want to run for President and VP are eligible for the office under The Constitution. The process must include a way that the documents on which the independent govt. entity relied are disclosed to the general public and copies should be of public record as well as available through the FOIA. We ask that Presidents, Presidential candidates, both parties, the DOJ and Congress stop impeding citizens and negating the law on this issue. No new President should be sworn in that is ineligible and the DOJ should be charged with enforcement and prosecution of any person or persons that accept the highest office knowing or should have reasonably have known, that they were not eligible for office. (The present DOJ actually has been provide tax payer funded DOJ lawyers representing the President (not the nation) as the President has fought all discovery and litigation from citizens seeking evidence of his full and complete eligibilty under The Constitution.) Who represents the people on this issue? No one - not a single govt official or entity at this time. For, they can not uphold The Constitution or legally fulfill the duties of their roles if they are not legally eligible for the position of President or VP. The Constitution is easy to interpert on this