Enough Division

We the people are hearing calls from our leaders for unity during these trying times with COVIC-19, police brutality, protests, and riots just like 50-60 years ago. How can there be unity in the country, when there is no unity in the legislative leaders we have trusted to run our government? The news media being allowed to orchestrate information for their own agenda and manipulate the people for their political preferences. What are we going to do when all our police officers walk out? If you think we are living in a civilized country, let the police walk out and see what real rioting and killing is like. I personally am so ashamed and disgusted with what I see going on in our legislature. They show no respect for each other and no respect for the office just because one is a Democrat and one is a Republican. There is no conscience of what is best for our country, only what is best for Me and my Party. The legislature is out of control and I must say the Democratic side of the House is the biggest guilty party. I have never seen such arrogance, bickering, and back-biting only for the purpose of gaining power to rule and reign without any accountability. You elected officials, elected by the people have been there too long. You believe you are untouchable. You move on items to destroy and tear down others with every breath you breathe, doing absolutely nothing to improve our nation. It is time to say enough, time to say to you, unite as one group. A House divided cannot stand, it is sure to fail. If you can't come together as one for our nation, how can you expect the people to do so? I pray this message reaches each of you, for if the news media is minutely truthful the country and the world is seeing a terrible picture of who we are.
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