Endorse the Voter Opportunity Pledge and the OppScore Survey: Make Our Legislators Accountable!

This is an idea whose time is past due. It’s time we make our elected officials fully accountable to the American citizens once again!

We are asking you, as an elected representative, to endorse the Voter Opportunity Pledge and take the OppScore® survey to show that you are working in support of the voters, and not other interests.

Here is the link to the OppScore survey that we are asking you to complete at your earliest convenience:

We believe that the mission of government in America is to enable and provide an opportunity for a better life, and a more free & prosperous future, for all of our citizens. The Voter Opportunity Pledge and OppScore Survey have been created in alignment with this simple philosophy. For too long, many of our elected officials have been working for other interests, and not the voters, which has led to distrust of government and continually low approval ratings for Congress. In short, the pledge and survey stand in support of the American people on the issues that matter to us most, while holding our elected officials 100% accountable to the voters.

The OppScore, developed by GOUSA, a 501(c)4 nonprofit, is a non-partisan, universal political credit rating based on GOUSA’s Five Points of Opportunity, a set of popular principles supported by the majority voters.

The criteria we are asking our elected officials, as well as candidates for office, to weigh in on are several, including issues like protecting our Constitutional rights and liberties, keeping 9 Justices on the Supreme Court, securing our borders, supporting election integrity, providing affordable and accessible health care for all via public and private insurance options, lower taxes, American jobs, economic freedom, support for our armed services and veterans, and more. The Voter Opportunity Pledge condenses this information into a simple form that can sign to show the voters that you stand for these core, popularly supported principles of Opportunity.

Please show that you are standing for and with the American people by completing the GOUSA OppScore survey.