Ending Copyright Protection

Making copies of copyrighted material doesn't affect the creators of those materials in any way, and yet, the law considers it illegal to copy their works without their permission. Penalties often include high fines and/or imprisonment. But, what for? I could ask you to pay me first to read or reproduce this paragraph, and even though it'd be rude to not listen to me, the judicial system shouldn't necessarily make a law out of my request. The cons of copyright protection (which, to clarify, is different than intellectual property) are far greater than any pros (especially at this point given the incoming ecological disaster), as all that it really does is contribute to the mass production of low-quality material made only for the sake of making money. If it didn't exist, then works would probably be made mostly because they're actually of value, which means that the creators would be more than happy to have them shared as much as possible. Why then give artists what they want if what they're interested in is creating a relationship with their audience in which they can capitalize off of them? (And, no, they're not trying to serve their audience what they enjoy, even if they claim that as their true intention, since there's no way for the artists to know whether or not their audience likes their art prior to them sharing it.) If you'd like to end copyright protection, then please support this petition.
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