End Secret and Hidden Social Media Groups

Facebook and other forms of social media has allowed secret groups for a long time. A lot of these groups are hidden from the public eye and allow open racist posts, sharing of pornography, cyberbullying, and becomes a place where pedophiles can hide. Even in small areas such as Cecil County there are groups that allow these types of posts and have rules that try to deter others from reporting crude posts such as the following:

Reporting, if you feel so impassioned to do so, should be done to FB, not the Admin. I truly don't Care where the Internet Hurt you. Grow Up. Find a Hobby. Inboxing me will NOT help your Cause.

If the posts get reported those that report it to get cyber bullied and often threatened.

In 2017 NBC News shared the story of a secret group called "Marines United" where Marines were being investigated for sharing pictures of female Marines in a private Facebook group. In 2019 To protect and slur there was an article describing how many active and retired law enforcement were parts of online hate groups that allowed the sharing of racist images. Additionally, in 2019 a group of Border Patrol Agents were investigated for sharing crude images in a secret Facebook group.

Allowing these groups to remain hidden or secret allows for problems that take time and resources to investigate since they aren't easily accessible to the average Facebook user. It's time to take a stand and tell Facebook and other forms of social media these groups are unacceptable.

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