end legal kiddnapping

no one seems to be THE ONE handles looking into the corrupt actions and proceedings of cps . thousands of children are forgotten and over looked that are in need of what cps claims to do while just as many children are ripped from their homes and families no one has the right to steal a child and no matter how you look at it what cps is doing is legally kidnapping kids and trapping them in the biggest hidden child trafficking ring have you seen what these cps workers make a year every reason the court gives for allowing this to happen they themselves are guilty of doing with the action of taking kids and keeping them away from their families who love them who try and are who cheated by the system this is to end now these are our kids if no one is going to stand up for we the people then we the people need to take a stand the government is meant to protect and serve we the people and if our government wont do just that times for a new government we gave and give the government the power they hold out of trust if that trust is broken and the fact its broken over looked and ignored then that power needs to be taken back.