End Israeli Occupation & Support Full Freedom of Movement & Access for All Palestinians

Support US Policy Calling for An End to the Israeli Occupation & for Full Freedom of Movement and Access for All Palestinians.

As you return to your home district during the holiday season to spend time with your family and reconnect with constituents, I ask that you remember the Palestinian residents of the Bethlehem district who are unable to move and travel freely as result of the wall and other movement restrictions placed around their community by the Israeli military.

I especially want to call your attention to the communities of Al-Walaja, Wadi Fukin, and Battir which are located just outside of Bethlehem. If the wall is completed as planned in the area of these and other nearby villages these communities will be surrounded by the wall. Their access to the farm land that most residents rely on for their income will be blocked and access to the hospitals, schools, and stores they depend on in Bethlehem will also be severely limited. Residents? lives will be severely disrupted and the continued existence of these villages will be threatened.

Gaza along with the West Bank has been severely impacted by the worst winter storm in decades and its ability to respond is severely impacted by the Egyptian/Israeli blockade and the attendant lack of freedom of movement of goods, supplies and people.

I therefore ask that you:

? Call for the dismantling by Israel of the wall in the West Bank in fulfillment of the International Court of Justice?s 2004 ruling which declared the wall illegal.

? Demand that Israel allow Palestinians to move freely between communities inside the occupied Palestinian territories, between the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, and internationally; and

? Call for the removal of the 549 roadblocks, checkpoints, gates, and other barriers used to restrict Palestinian movement in the West Bank.

? Demand an end to the siege on Gaza.

Thank you for your consideration.


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