Please end HOA Fraud as a business!

HOA street and gate restriction is a violation of human rights! We are losing our homes,our homess equety and our savings are depleting due to HOA Fraud.

The purpose of this Petition is to bring awareness to human rights violations, wasteful spending, corruption, organized crime, discrimination and misconduct by a type of Home Owners Association known also as.(HOA) As a result, many home owners lost their homes. Many people today are living in fear of losing their homes, struggling, or unable to pay their monthly payments. Some home owners are denied basic services, property rights also the right to make decisions for basic services. The one payment system used by the HOA's, by not giving us monthly or annual statements for services they provided; created a legal path for fraud. We were sold homes but were not given unrestricted access to our homes. We received a business called HOA with powers to foreclosure our property and deny us basic rights. Only our elected official and law makers can enact laws to create business models. This type of HOA is a business that require membership, That's what I discovered when i did the research. I was denied this important information by all parties involved. A clubhouse owned by the developer received a mortgage for over 5 million dollars, There were no appraisal done to establish fair market value. At closing the HOA board members got a check for over 290 thousand dollars. The developer then sold the HOA the club house for only 10 dollars. The home owners are paying the mortgage payments for the club house, maintaining swimming pools, tennis courts, basket ball courts and common areas; without financial interest and sometimes no personal use. Pembroke Isles HOA disrupt the lives of families, it's a type of institution that is unhealthy, fraudulent and a type of modern slavery; causing chronic stress related illnesses.These type of HOA's can be used to promote discrimination, abuse and deny basic rights. Open lien are placed on our properties without justified reason. Some HOA's used trespass warning to prevent us from using the clubhouse and common areas. Restricted gate access, violations, attorney's fees, late fees, fines, the police department and the local courts are used to force home owners to comply also to deplete our savings and home's equity. At least one known case, a home owner was arrested and charged with criminal mischief for gaining access to his home. One died preventing his car from been towed by his HOA and one by HOA's affiliate guard. Another was unable to live at his home on a permanent basis due to cancer surgeries and gate restriction; this home owner is also legally disabled and the list continue.There are little or no legal recourse leaving us suffering in silence. We are denied our liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a promise made to us by the declaration of independence, the bill of rights and the Constitution. Signing this petition meaning you are aware of at least (1) one of these concerns, All concerns listed can be verified. Please fill out the form below to sign this Petition.This system can only be changed by our elected officials! Singing this petition is the least we can do to protect street and gate restriction and property rights for our families and the future generation! HOA street and gate restriction is a violation of human rights. All HOA's are not the same!