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Intracardiac injections, commonly know as heart sticks, is a rather inhumane way to euthanize an animal that is not comatose(or nearly comatose) or heavily sedated. A needle and syringe containing sodium pentobarbital is passed through the chest wall and severely layers of muscle into the heart. However on an animal that isn't sedated or comatose this is hard to do because the body is in constant motion. It's not uncommon for the person administering the injection to miss and accidentally punctures the lungs and causes them to fill up with fluid. This is a VERY painful way to die.

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Dec 12th, 2016
Erika W. from Augusta, GA signed.
Nov 1st, 2016
Someone from Watkinsville, GA writes:
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This is barbaric! I just found out that this practice is being used on cats and kittens in Gwinnett County, Georgia. What needs to be done to have this stopped immediately? To do this to an animal is unconscionable! To have this practice condoned by the United States Department of Agriculture is a national disgrace! If the public knew about this practice, there would be more disgusted taxpayers writing in. I hope to let as many people know about this as possible!
Jul 30th, 2016
Someone from Kalamazoo, MI writes:
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Outlaw cat declawing , and cat dissection, too .
Jul 26th, 2016
Someone from La Grange, KY signed.
Jul 10th, 2016
Someone from Mesa, AZ signed.
Jun 14th, 2016
Someone from Brighton, CO writes:
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Please stop this insanely cruel method of euthanasia. It should not be allowed to continue.
Mar 28th, 2016
Someone from Fort Myers, FL signed.
Feb 23rd, 2016
Someone from San Antonio, TX writes:
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Please stop this method of euthinasia
Aug 17th, 2015
Someone from Sunnyvale, CA signed.
Aug 4th, 2015
Someone from Phoenix, AZ writes:
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This method is wrong on every level. Why should animals suffer at the hands of stupid humans? Please ban heartstick now!