End The Fundamental Transformation of America

TARP, Stimulus, Bailouts, Reckless Spending, Cap-n-Trade, Government Health Care, Government Intrusions. When Will it All End?

Listening to the pundits, politicians and talking heads in the wake of the MA Quake on January 19th is sufficient evidence as a whole that ... YOU STILL DON'T GET IT!

Let me be very succinct in what the people have tried communicating to you this past year.

1. The 111th Congress and President Obama are Statists

They may use such disguising terms as Progressives, Liberals and believe it or not even Moderates as a cloak to hide their Statist orientation. This ?Perfect Political Storm? .i.e., a Filibusterer-Proof Senate led by Statist Harry Reid; An overwhelming House Majority led by Statist Nancy Pelosi; and a Statist President all bent upon executing the ?Fundamental Transformation of America? prompted other Statists in the Federal Reserve and other key branches of the federal government to fabricate the severity of a Level 5 economic crisis by falsely proclaiming it to be a Level 10 Catastrophe to ?seize the opportunity? created by the emergence of the ?Perfect Storm.

2. The People REJECT Statism as a Form of Government Rule

From the very beginning the people sensed that there was something seriously wrong with the claims of catastrophe and doom to the entire economic system, especially when the purported ?fixes? served to deepen the debt and worsen the economy. We instinctively knew something else was the driving force behind the foolish and reckless spending decisions made by a statist Congress and Statist executive branch of government. Now that the so-called Progressive Agenda is exposed we SOUNDLY REJECT STATISM in all its forms.

3. The People REJECT Government Takeovers of the Economy, Health Care and Financial Services as Totalitarianism and further REJECT the Executive and Congressional Reign of Terror

The people woke up and reject TARP; Stimulus; Bailouts; Government Ownership and Control over Private Sector Banks, Insurance Companies, General Motors and private businesses operations in the areas of compensation and product creation and design; Government Controlled Health Care; Cap and Trade; Legislation assaulting the Constitution, especially our First and Second Amendment Rights. Nearly every bill passed by this Congress was contrary to Liberty, Freedom, the American Way and our beloved Constitution. American Values were ignored and We The People were ignored ... but we shall be ignore NO FURTHER.

4. The People REJECT Reckless, Illegal and Unethical Congressional and Presidential Behaviors and Actions

All those who violated laws and ethics concerning the passage of and attempted passage of House and Senate bills must answer to the American People. Such activities and actions engaged in by our elected officials, including the President, cannot go unaccountable to We The People. Congressional and Non-Congressional Hearings must deal with the corruption that surrounded the economic crisis which includes the role of Congressmen Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank to name but two; The operations of Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and the Fed which led to the economic collapse; The role of ACORN, Unions and other special interest groups receiving tax dollars to pressure banks to make toxic loans to unqualified borrowers and their receipt of TARP and Stimulus funds; Those in office who violated their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and much, much more.

The corruption in the federal government runs deep and is widespread. It is simply too exhaustive to articulate here individually but must nonetheless be seriously address now. Congressional, Presidential and Federal Government Crimes must be acknowledged, tried and punished or we as a society fail to function as a free, moral and equitable society.

5. We The People ARE YOUR MASTER

Much damage has been done and the threat of future damage remains concerning the Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America into a Statist Union. WE SPOKE TO YOU CLEARLY, but you REFUSED to listen, but chose rather to Dismiss, Scoff and Ridicule We The People. We simply will not tolerate such contempt from our government leaders.


DO NOT try to address the economy with your false claim of ?Jobs Creation.? The private sector can create jobs without your help, but cannot create jobs with your hindrance. Please stay out of our way while we Restore Our Government to its rightful place ... A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

Here's what We the People Demand From the US Government Moving Forward:

CONGRESSIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: In the wake of this Congressional Reign of Terror many of our elected leaders believe feel they will circumvent accountability to We The People for their illegal, unethical and corrupt activities by merely proclaiming they will not seek another term of office. Well, We The People do not see that as acceptable. We want full and broad Hearings into the activities of the 111th Congress, this President, and all appointed and elected people (past and present) who violated their oath of office, was complicit in the fabricated economic events leading to TARP and Stimulus, and those advocating for the pseudo-science of Cap and Trade. Violating one's Oath of Office is a High Crime against the Constitution and against the People of the United States. These crimes must not go unpunished.

PRESIDENTIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: This President has has committed numerous High Crimes against the People and the Constitution by violating his Oath of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; His role in the illegal and unethical activities surrounding the passage of the two Health Care reform bills; His role in appointing Communists, Marxists, Radicals and others who oppose America and her ideals into high level positions in the White House and other branches of government. Such abominations shall not stand as this nation moves forward.

ACCOUNTABILITY FOR AND RETURN OF ALL TARP FUNDS: Where and how TARP funds were distributed and the return of all monies to the US Treasury and not to a ?slush fund? which is unconstitutional. Only Congress shall determine how taxpayer money is spent.

IMMEDIATE DIVESTITURE OF OWNERSHIP IN PUBLIC CORPORATIONS: Ownership of corporate interests violates the US Constitution.

NO INCREASE TO THE DEBT CEILING: Congress must not be allowed to control the limits to its own spending by voting to increase the national debt limit. Congress has obscenely and shamefully exceeded the trust of the American People to be financially prudent and good stewards of the people's money. Such financial activity is FRAUD and this behavior must be RESCINDED IMMEDIATELY. The Congressional Credit Limit must be put upon a path of ?Progressive Declination.? The ONLY recourse is to REDUCE the size and scope of Federal Spending by CUTTING and ELIMINATING Federal programs. Freezing the spending as proposed by Progressive Senator John McCain is wholly unacceptable. Only cutting can save this nation. All programs except for the military that show itself to be Unconstitutional, Unnecessary, and Frivolous are to be discontinued. The practice of funding special interest groups and organizations must cease immediately.

AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE: An audit is minimum. It's very existence violates the Constitution's prohibition for a Central Bank.

RESCIND ALL BILLS PASSED DURING THIS 111TH CONGRESS: Especially those bills that attack or restrict the constitutional rights of the people.

The People's REVOLT was not about Republicans not having a seat at the table. It is about the transformation of the United States of America into a Statist Regime. It is time for the Statists to SHUT UP, as our ?beloved? Statist President has often said while We The People grab a mop and Clean-UP His and Congresses mess. This is the Beginning, not the end of our Revolt. Our voice will be heard and our Will be Done. We strongly urge you to heed our voice.