End Electronic Harassment and Organized Stalking

State funded organized stalking, electronic harasment and torture must be stopped.

We are writing you concerning state funded organized stalking and electronic harassment and torture and requesting an investigation and an end to these unconstitutional human rights violations. There are thousands of victims complaining world-wide, the vast majority being American, of being targeted with methods of electronic warfare and psychological operations carried out by intelligence communities, military, local police and civilians.

Many are reporting that they are being stalked and hit with weapons which create various painful and annoying sensations in the human body as well as having voices projected in to their heads for years on end. Military has already admitted to having these capabilities, it has advanced significantly since then and has been deployed against an innocent population.

In the 70's there was a congressional investigation in to mind control techniques in use by the CIA at the time and all such experiments were ordered to end, this did not happen however and they are now worse than ever.

Legislation has been put in place in some states but is yet to be enforced due to the high tech nature of these crimes and the massive wall of silence from federal and state governments which wishes for these abuses to continue.

Several years ago an attempt was made by informed politicians in government with H.R. 2977 as effort to put an end to the use of these weapons altogether but votes were not favorable, either due to ignorance or willful collusion.

Russia has already enacted such laws and banned them outright as weapons of mass destruction.

Perusal of the materials provided here as well as a quick search across the internet will verify just how widespread this program is. It isn?t coincidence and now with professionals and military personnel coming forward it is deniable only by those who utterly disregard the Constitution, laws and the safety of this nation and its people. Since the murder of Aaron Alexis and the other victims of the Navy Yard shooting it is now obvious that this program is more than dangerous, it is deadly, and if something isn?t done all that can be expected is more suffering. We want our freedom back and we refuse to accept a society which is complicit in such murderous atrocities.