End adoptable pets from being euthanized

The issue is Dogs Lives Matter alit and we are not being recognized . Many people who love animals need our companion animals to get a chance to live but since we have kill shelters in the U.S. they are not letting the healthy dogs live to go on to a rescue or get adopted . Even the American Veterinary Medical Association says good healthy animals can be trained and made into companion animals . We grieve more for our pet than for a person or family member . These companion pets deserve a second chance no matter if they were found as stray pet and there are millions of people that will help solve this . Kill shelters are destroying dogs like the Holocaust of the Jewish people and the kill shelter has too much power to steal lives of healthy adoptable canine friends . Please exclude the adoptables from a euthanasia order handed down by The United States and New York State , California State , Texas State and Florida State and any kill shelter in the United States to stop the murder of any adoptable dog in a shelter .