Eliminate current health & retirement plans for Congressmen and place them on the same plans available to non-govt US citizens.

Phase out and eliminate special retirement benefits, health and pension plans for Congress, and place them in the Social Security system and health care reform plans with the rest of private US citizens.

We require House of Representatives and Senators to act as fiduciaries and represent the people, with our social security, medicare and medicaid funds (SSMM), health care plans and tax dollars.

Members of Congress do not have incentive to protect & support these plans because they will not be recipients of the programs.

Members of Congress acted without fiduciary responsibility or representation by passing generous retirement & health care packages for themselves with our tax dollars (FERS, CSRS), while not participating in the same program restrictions they have designed for their constituents.

As citizens who hire, and pay for Congressional salaries and benefits packages, we have the right to direct the use of tax dollars regarding these issues.

We petition the following to be enacted into legislation, to ensure Congress acts with fiduciary motive and responsibility:

1. Terminate retirement benefit, pension plans, FERS,CSRS, & post retirement health plans received by Senators, House Representatives, and Federal employees* effective 2010.

2. Replace these plans with the same tax-deferred savings plans options, health care plan & SSMM benefit pool that the general private U.S. citizens are allowed to access.

3. Prohibit Congress from voting themselves retirement and benefit plans that do not include providing and paying the identical benefits to each U.S. citizen.

*Military persons who served active duty will continue to receive pensions under existing FERS/CSRS plans in recognition of life-risking service.