Election Day Should Be a Federal Holiday

I'll get right to the point. The date we undergo our elections is very limiting and very horrible in a democratic first world nation. We cannot be having Election Day on a day that people in our electorate cannot vote because of their jobs. The working class, the middle class, the college electorate, and whatnot are in jeopardy of their right to vote as they could lose their job if they don't show up because they need to vote. Sometimes, their bosses won't allow them to leave work to vote, so Election Day is limited to very busy times, such as the evening and the early morning. I am calling for Election Day to be a federal holiday so that people who were not participating in elections because of their jobs could participate in our democracy, in our voting process, and in our government. Everyone in Congress has to realize that they abide by a social contract, that they serve the people, so they have to let as many people as possible vote to have a more representative election of the population in an area. The best way to do that is to make Election Day a federal holiday. Not only will schoolchildren love Congress for giving them an extra holiday, but our electorate could grow massively if we give people a day which they can vote on, a day which they can participate in democracy, no matter the time of day, between 6 AM to 7 PM. I request Election Day to be a federal holiday as the importance of having our electorate active makes sense and it will, indeed, create a more perfect system for everyone.
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