Ease green card backlogs for highly skilled employment based immigrants

Thousands of techies, doctors, nurses are held up and need to be freed from government red tape, and need to be given their shot to contribute their best years towards the good of this country

One needs to only take a look at the visa bulletins published in the USCIS web-site every month to get an idea of how slow the process is for immigrants in the 'Highly skilled' category from India, China, Philippines and Mexico. For example, applications from the year 2001 are currently being processed today (10 years later) for the EB3 employment based category from India. And the actual time people get the green card may well be 3-4 years later.

This means that these thousands of people have been facing great hardship and constraints in their career. It has in effect stifled innovation in the country to an extent, because these highly skilled people had a great potential to open up new ventures, create new jobs, advance science and technology and contribute to society in numerous other ways

A hidden cost is also that the spouses of these highly skilled people also often have advanced degrees and Phd's, but they are prevented from joining the workforce because of the restrictive nature of the work visas.

Today the country could do with thousands of new start-ups, medical facilities, nurses, teachers and college professors. Also, the housing market could benefit from this section of people, because once they settle down in their lives they will be able to buy houses.

The sword of uncertainty must be removed from their heads NOW if they are expected to stay here, and if the country is to attract more skilled and bright people.

Today the immigration debate has been hijacked by low-skilled and illegal immigrants, numbering in millions, because, for these few thousands there is no political voice backing them up. In the interest of fairness and true justice they need to be taken care of so that they can join you in the fight for maintaining the ideals and traditions of this great country that is America