Dress Code in Our Public Schools.

Dress code violations taking aways our childrens rights to an education.

We start off the new school year with a new dress code, every year they change it and no big deal it gets changed, but this time they went to far. Our children go to school and these people watch them and for every little violation they are taken from class and sent to the office until someone brings them a change of clothes. They cannot return until up to code. For exsample a girl came to school and her shirt had a little white stipe on the arm she got in school suspension same with my child, she had a solid color shirt on but because it had gold trim she too was suspended. another boy had a religous neckless on and was told it was to be taken off that the principal found it to be offensive. Now under these dress codes they said plain clothes that are polo must not have logos or grafics on them. Well for everytime they change the dress code we have to go out and buy new clothes for our children some of us cannot afford to buy our kids new clothes everytime. I speak not just for the people who can't afford clothes but for all the parents who have kids in the gregory-portland schools. I want my children to have an education and by putting my child down and calling her out of class to see if she is up to code is a waste of her education. Our school is known for kids quitting and getting a GED instead well I would like to see all these kids make a different, but how can we do that if they are always getting picked on. The parents did not all vote for this change and I hear alot of these parents want to home school. What happened to our freedom of expression well they are taking our rights away as US citizens. This is a public school and I pay my taxes. If I wanted my child to look like everyone else I'd have them all in privite school. thank you for your time and please sign so we can give our childrren the best for them. Their education.