Don't fund the bloody wild horse roundups!

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As your constituent, I urge you to reject increasing the budget for the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild horse and burro program. In addition, I urge you to join the House in cutting the budget by $2 million to "send a very strong message" about the need for reform this costly and cruel federal program.

The BLM has stated that it will use the increased funding to roundup and remove nearly 5,000 additional mustangs and burros from our public lands by the end the year, after already removing nearly 6,000 wild horses since the fiscal year began in October 2010.

We already have over 42,000 wild horses held captive in holding facilities that will cost taxpayers $46 million this year alone.

Although the BLM is talking about making changes to this program, without pressure from Congress, it will continue to do business as usual. That has been the history of this program. While we have a moral obligation to care for the wild horses already in captivity, we cannot allow this agency to deepen its fiscal black hole by bringing more and more mustangs into taxpayer-funded holding facilities.

As Congress considers drastic spending cuts, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this broken federal program that is wasting tax dollars and harming our federally-protected wild horses and burros.

Thank you for your consideration.

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50 minutes ago
Pat N. from Enfield, CT signed.
50 minutes ago
Pat N. from Enfield, CT signed.
Jun 22nd, 2017
Kim D. from Goochland, VA writes:
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My name is Kimberly Drudge. I am blind, and I am fifteen years old. I love horses, but my favorite horse is the American mustang that is supposed to be roaming free throughout the West. In 1059, Peesident Eisenhower passed a law prohibiting the BLM to use plains and trucks to chase the horses. But now, I realized that the BLM is using helicopters again! They are terrifying the animals! I think that it shall be illegal to do this cruel roundup. In my heart, at the bottom of my heart, the wild mustangs and burros shall roam free once again throughout the West! These symbols of freedom belong to "We the People"! Thank you. Kim Drudge
May 28th, 2017
Kristine B. from Fort Lauderdale, FL writes:
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This is horrific and must stop. What kind of group would even consider letting this happen?
May 19th, 2017
Tiffany H. from Auburn, WA signed.
Mar 31st, 2017
Henry H. from Lebanon, OR writes:
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It's our job as humans to protect those that can't protect themselves.
Mar 31st, 2017
Rens S. from Lebanon, OR writes:
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Leave them alone they were here first. Man won't be satisfied until he kills everything. These are beautiful intelligent animals that have served mankind and they get this . Shame they deserve better than this.
Feb 1st, 2017
Meghan S. from Madison, WI signed.
Jan 15th, 2017
Deborah A. from Norton, MA writes:
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These iconic endangered mustangs should be protected.As a tax payer I do not want to see my tax dollars used in a federal program such as killing these beautiful intelligent wild animals or holding them in facilities where I worry they'll end up as meat. Please stop this craziness and inhumanity wasteful spending.
Jan 8th, 2017
Connie P. from Vandalia, OH writes:
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This is outrageous when innocent horses and burros are rounded up from the land that has been theirs for years and threatened with slaughter. I am so outraged by this. I can only guess that the the reason behind this is that someone wants the land for profit. Money is usually involved and the bottom line is whoever will profit is in back of this stealing the horses land that has been theirs for years. This should be stopped now.