Don't Bully my breed

Good Morning,
I would like to create a petition to protect my dog and other dogs who are labeled as aggressive breeds. I don't think its fair to punish the breed for the reputation that bad people have made them out to be therefore I'm trying to find a way to protect my dog due to the fact that I cannot seem to live comfortably due to the bad label they have innocently been giving. All dogs can be aggressive and I don't think its fair to punish specific breeds because of the nature of the animal and it should be the responsibility of the owner of that dog if anything happens. All dogs naturally bark and bite and I'm fed up. Its not fair and it needs to end now. Please help me come up with a better way to protect my dog. He's a great dog and I worry more about the people hurting or harming him than I am worried about him biting or attacking someone. The humans are the ones who should be labeled aggressive. Please end BSL take a stand and get rid of the ignorance!

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