Domestic trap

Falsly acused of criminal threat. Now charged with disuading. We had nothing more than a verbal dissagreement. Which i was put in jail for called my mother to ask my roomate if she told police i had threatened her life and if so than she needs to come clean. I learned that that is dissuading. So prosecuter listened to this called my mother threatened to put her in jail and told her she should probably quit talking to me before i get my mother introuble. Now its ben a year no restraining order till just the other day. I am just getting into the trial phase have had no problems. I paid $5500 for an attorney who did nothing. . he refused to go to trial now i have a public defender. I dont have any more money to spare. My roomate felt terrible and decided to write a letter explaining that ive never threatened her nor put my hands on her in all the years weve nown eachother. I didnt know about the letter till the judge slapped me with a restraining order. Its ruining my life. Its in no way justice . i have no felonys on my record. And going to trial facing two strikes and lengthy prison term . please help
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