DoD Homeowners Assistance Program Modification

Fight for those fighting for you; DoD HAP needs to provide benefits to Military that are forced to move and have to sell their homes that are 10% or more upside down!

Respectfully requesting your assistance in changing the DoD Homeowners Assistance Program Military Members PCSing eligibility criteria; specifically for the home purchase date to be removed and replaced with all Active Duty military homeowners that are 10% or more upside down on their mortgage. Currently the home purchase date eligibility criteria of prior to 1 Jul 2006 is unreasonable, as Military members are not Real Estate experts, they are war-fighting experts defending you and this country. Additional perimeters are already established such as the eligibility criteria of PCS orders must be dated between 1 Feb 2006 and 30 Sep 2012. Simply removing the home purchase date requirement and replacing it with "all Active Duty military homeowners that are 10% or more upside down on their mortgage" would make a significant difference to Active Duty Military members financially and morally devastated by the housing crisis but would not significantly affect the DoD Budget. Respectfully request this proposed legislation to be approved immediately and retroactive. Many military families are currently displaced from their spouses or undergoing foreclosure proceedings. Military families desperately need a remedy to this situation.