Doctor Assisted Suicide

Doctor Assisted Suicide takes away clients rights to life, and we demand that Doctor Assisted Suicide be banned in all parts of the world.

Dear Members of Congress,

We are writing this petition on behalf of those who have lost their lives on behalf of Doctor Assisted Suicide. We feel that Doctor Assisted Suicide invades patients and clients rights and takes advantage of their overall well being by creating acts of murder against individuals who are suffering from terminal diseases. We recognize the fact that many terminally ill patients and clients are in need of other resources that will help them ease their pain and suffering, but Doctor Assisted Suicide is not the way. The right to life is a process that is ordained and foreseen by the creator, and death is a process as well. We believe that man should never be involved when it comes to death because just like life death is a natural process as well. Congress we ask that you will take our call to action seriously and that you will see Doctor Assisted Suicide for what it truly is, which is murder.